Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Birth1901, Vichy, France
Death1963, Aurigeno, Switzerland
Burial1963, Aurigeno, Switzerland
EducationHigh school
MotherFORNI, Elisa Matilde (1862-)
Birth1 Feb 1895, San Francisco, California
DeathJun 1977, Locarno, Switzerland
Burial1977, Aurigeno, Switzerland
OccupationDecorative painter
EducationScuola Magistrale (Trade School) in Locarno
FatherSPADINI, Battista (1850-1915)
MotherVANONI, Florinda Margherita (1866-1944)
ChildrenFranca Floria Carmen (1930-)
Notes for Arnoldo (Spouse 1)
Arnoldo Spadini (1895-1977) found in his private family archives an important document, known as “the Judge’s diary”, written around 1855, which contained interesting information about the judge (Giovanni Antonio Vanoni's ancestry and descendents}. He read it through and decided it was worth typing and he made a few copies of it. One is in the possession of Arnoldo’s daughter, Carmen, who occupies the old Battista Vanoni home in Aurigeno, Switzerland. Another copy was sent to Erminia Vanoni Morelli. When she died, the document became the property of her eldest child, Elizabeth Morelli Perry. Although the text is in Italian, translation was not too difficult, and it was very helpful in the preparation of this descendent report for Tommaso Vanoni. In the meantime, a little book was printed (2010) which reproduced in its exact style the judge’s handwritten text. Raffaello Ceschi, the Historian of Canton Ticino used this document to comment on the justice in this period. Sandro Bianconi, a linguist, commented on the style and the spelling, and Denyse Bertoni shared part of her own research on the complex genealogy of the Vanoni family. 
So far, various researchers have found four Vanoni branches, designated as Borra, Princes, Mola, and Rossi. Another Vanoni branch designated as Ferrazzini (or Färesc) splits from the Mola line as soon as 1700 with another Tomaso Vanoni Ferrazzini married to Maria GIANDITA (later ZANDITA). Tomaso Vanoni and his descendents are members of the Borra and Princes lines although they later mix with Mola and Ferrazzini too. It is believed that all five lines converge if we could go back one or two more generations. 
During her many years research, Denyse Bertoni has identified two more Vanoni branches that split around 1850, the first one following the descendants of the first Michele Vanoni (M) and the second one, she thinks, after the color of the hair of the first Vanoni of this line: in fact, many of the Vanoni descendants are red haired!
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