Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameBARCA, Giacomo Pietro Antonio
Birth19 Nov 1784, Aurigeno, Switzerland
FatherBARCA, Pietro Antonio (1761-1842)
ChildrenMaria Giovanna Lucia (1832-1866)
 Giacomo Antonio (1835-1835)
Birth26 Dec 1794
Death6 Jun 1827
Marriage9 Oct 1815
Notes for Giacomo Pietro Antonio BARCA
Used name : Pietro (although he is also mentionned as Giacomo in Giorgio Cheda’s books?!)
Surnamed “Faccarone”*
(wrong spelling for the French word Tâcheron (?), a workman recruiting young boys for work on account of the Italian port of Livorno. (or Fanfaron?!) More to say.
In 1836 Pietro was twice a widower with 5 children aged 4, 13, 15, 16 and 20 born from his two wifes. His first daughter only married at 30 in 1846 (late in those days) certainly in order to bring up her father’s children who all married before her, but the last one, Maria Giovanna Lucia, who got married in 1848 at 16!

* Giuseppe Maggini’s diary*.
Notes for Marianna Antonia (Spouse 1)
Died of septicemy after birth of second child Giacomo Antonio (1835) who also died with her.
Notes for Maria Giacomina Natala (Spouse 2)
Surnamed : Patala.
She was bitten by a vipera in Dunzio and died leaving “three kids” behind from 4 to 10 years old.*
This accidental death by poison, as well as falling in a ravin were quite current death accidents in those days where people walked bearfoot or with slippery (”padü” or “zoccol”) shoewears. Burns or death by fire or drowning were other tragic ways of dying for small kids whose mothers were busy in the camps and had little time to spare for them. When older they would join their parents and participate in the farmers’ work, hence where other accidental deaths happened.

*From the diary of Giuseppe Maggini, her uncle (?).

NB: Illustrate by ex voto Vanoni.
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