Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameBARCA, Giacomo Pietro Aloïso “Luigi”
Birth12 Feb 1821
Death19 Apr 1883
Marriage1844, Aurigeno, Switzerland
ChildrenMaria Lucia Domenica (1846-1916)
 Maria Virginia (1853-)
Notes for Giacomo Pietro Aloïso “Luigi” BARCA
Used name : Luigi??? (check)

In Giorgio Cheda p. 367 he si mentionned as :
Barca Pietro (1821) di Giacomo parte 18.04.1854 in Australia. Sposato 4 figli. These details correspond therefore when he left for Australia in 1854 his father “Giacomo” was still alive. However in official documents he is also known as fu Pietro Barca (and there are a few of them!!!)! Hence a lot of confusions...
Notes for Giacomina (Spouse 1)
NB: to check since in Axel’s documents she is the wife of his brother 1820?!
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