Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Birthabt 1707
Birthabt 1707
Death25 Aug 1771, Lierna, Italy
FatherMORELLI, Pietro (~1680-)
Family Media
ChildrenMaria Caterina (1737-)
 Giovanna (1740-)
 Giovanni (1742-)
 Bernardo (1747-)
 Giacomo Antonio (1749-)
Notes for Donato (Spouse 1)
Donato came to Lierna with his wife and children about 1750. We have no information about where Donato was born, but we know his father's name was Pietro. There is evidence that the Morelli family lived in Mugiasco, a suburb on the east side of Lierna. At the time of his death, Donato was living in the home of Gaspare Pensa from Varenna.
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