Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameMAGGINI, Margherita Maria
Birth21 Aug 1763, Aurigeno, Switzerland
Death24 Mar 1797, Aurigeno, Switzerland
MotherVANONI, Margherita (~1720-1802)
Birthabt 1755, Aurigeno, Switzerland
Death8 Feb 1802, Aurigeno, Switzerland
FatherVANONI, Michele (~1720-1802)
MotherBONDIETTI, Margherita (~1723-1802)
Marriage26 Jul 1780
ChildrenMichele Antonio (1782-)
 Tommaso (1784-)
 Giovanni Battista (1787-1837)
 Maria Angela (1791-)
 Maria Luisa (1795-)
Notes for Margherita Maria MAGGINI
Margherita died on the 24th of March, 1797 at 33 a few days after the birth on the 19th of her last child, Maria Giuseppina. In the middle of the 18th century, there were approximately 10% maternal deaths per 100,000 births. Puerperal fever was the main cause of death due to the lack of hygiene. Babies also died at  birth or together with the mother from all sorts of infections or complications occurring during the birth. It was certainly due to a surviving instinct that women had several children. Most husbands remarried immediately after the death of the mother unless they had an older daughter able to take care of her siblings.
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