NameMORETTI, Maria Caterina Giuseppina (Josephine)
Birth8 Aug 1861, Linescio, Switzerland
Death17 Jan 1936, San Diego, California
BurialSan Diego Catholic Cemetary
FatherMORETTI, Antonio Maria (1818-1898)
MotherSARTORI, Giudita (1829-1912)
Birth11 Feb 1861, Paris,France
Death24 Jun 1934, San Diego, California
BurialSan Diego Catholic Cemetary
FatherVANONI, Giovanni Battista (1828-1898)
MotherVANONI, Celestina (1838-1875)
ChildrenHenry Andreus (1891-1966)
 Albert (1892-1916)
 Annie Kate (1896-1989)
Notes for Maria Caterina Giuseppina (Josephine) MORETTI
Josephine came to the USA in about 1880 accompanied by 3 brothers (Charlie, Achille, and Leonard) and one sister (Maria Giacomina). Charlie and Josephine went to San Diego, while the rest ended up in the Santa Rosa area. One of Josephine’s younger brothers, Achille, married Giulio’s niece, Celestina Pozzi, daughter of Mariana Vanoni. Her sister, Maria Giacomina, married Olanda Patocchi, a Petaluma dairy farmer.

Josephine & Giulio both had bars. Giulio’s bar catered to Santa Barbara’s elite, while Josephine’s to the lower class.
Notes for Giulio Giuseppe (Spouse 1)
Giulio came to the United States in 1876. He worked as a dairyman near Bodega, California for several years and is shown on the list of voters from 1879 to 1892. According to family legend, he was friends with A.P. Giannini. Giannini wanted Giulio to start a bank with him, but Giulio decided instead to go to Santa Barbara where he opened the Santa Barbara Saloon in about 1892. This scenario seems to be highly unlikely, as Giannini was born in San Jose in 1870 and didn't found the Bank of Italy until 1904. The part about the Santa Barbara Saloon is true.

Giulio and Josephine were probably married in Santa Rosa, as their first child was born in Sonoma County in 1891. After opening the Santa Barbara Saloon in about 1892, Giulio is said to have become one of his own best customers, so Josephine wanted to move the family to a better environment. The family moved to Santa Isabel (near Julian) where Josephine’s brother, Charlie Moretti, was located, then moved to Ramona for several years, then to a dairy farm located in El Monte, near Lakeside. Giulio died of acute apendicitis in 1934.
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