Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
Morelli & Vanoni Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameVANONI, Giovanni Antonio (Judge)
Birth27 Jul 1796, Aurigeno, Switzerland
Death20 Sep 1871, Aurigeno, Switzerland
MotherGROSSINI, Giovanna Maria (1767-1829)
Birth28 Aug 1796, Aurigeno, Switzerland
Death5 Mar 1837, Aurigeno, Switzerland
Burial1837, Aurigeno, Switzerland
MotherMORETTI, Maria Caterina (1777-1826)
Marriage6 Feb 1815, Aurigeno, Switzerland
ChildrenGiacomo Antonio Serafino (1816-1868)
 Caterina (1819-1901)
 Margherita Lucia (1822-1889)
 Battista (1824-1851)
 Marianna Domenica (1828-1885)
 Giovanni Battista (1830-1851)
Birth6 Aug 1798, Aurigeno, Switzerland
Death6 Sep 1867, Aurigeno, Switzerland
BurialSep 1867, Aurigeno, Switzerland
MotherBONDIETTI, Giovanna Maria (1771-1847)
Marriage25 Apr 1838, Aurigeno, Switzerland
ChildrenCelestina (Twin) (1838-1875)
 Giuditta (Twin) (1838-1894)
Notes for Giovanni Antonio (Judge) VANONI
Giovanni was a highly respected judge.

The picture was taken from an 1840 painting by the painter Giovanni Antonio Vanoni, the judge’s son-in-law as well as a distant cousin. The painter was married to the judge’s oldest daughter, Caterina.
Notes for Margherita (Spouse 2)
Picture is from an 1840 painting by Giovanni Antonio Vanoni.
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